Saturday, March 3, 2012

A prayer for tonight

Dear Lord Jesus,

     Tonight I just want to thank You for all the wonderful people who You have placed in my life!  I love them all!  Thank You for each and every one of them!  Thank You, Lord, for everything that You're doing, have done, and even the things I do not yet know about!  Your mercy, grace, and love truly amazes me!  I want to thank You for all the victories You have given me.  And I also want to thank You for all the struggles You have brought me through.  And thank You for Your Word.  Thank You for hope.  Thank You for Your presence - both now and in our times of need.
     Tonight, I would like to ask that You watch over and protect my friends and family, and their friends and families too.  I ask that You comfort those who are broken hearted; let Your presence be felt by those who are lonely; bring peace to the afflicted; and give rest to the weary-hearted.
     I ask that You would teach us Your ways again, Lord God.  Help us learn, or even re-learn, what it means to follow You.  Give us a sensitivity to the needs - both physical and emotional - of those around us.  Help us to meet those needs as You have blessed us to do so.
     We love You, Jesus!  Thank You!